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Fixtures adapted to your changing needs


TETRAFIX fixtures are adaptable to your needs and we have solutions for prototyping, pilot plant, measuring room and production, all with the same benefits of high precision, stability and reduced costs. We offer a wide range of fixtures from type-bound fixtures designed and built for a specific part to 100% flexible solutions where you can build new reference points with 6 degrees of freedom within minutes.

Our type-bound fixtures are indeed fixed and adapted to a single part and designed to stay the same for a long period of time. If necessary it is however possible to redesign a single reference point if the geometry of a part is changing. Redesign is made independently of other reference point and only the changed point needs new calibration.

The setup also makes it possible to make changes late in the design process.

Our most flexible solution is 100% flexible. The fixtures are constructed out of unique tripods with 6 degrees of freedom, the only one on the market. Each point is easily adjusted within minutes and then calibrated with the same shimless calibration as our fixed fixtures. It is now possible to build reference points from scratch in minutes and an entire fixture in a few hours. When locked, the points has the same precision and stability over time as our type-bound solutions.

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