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World leading reliability by best in class accuracy


TETRAFIX fixtures provide you with measurement results you can trust by offering fixtures with market leading accuracy over long periods of time.

Our fixtures are produced to the highest precision in our own factory in Sweden. The high precision manufacturing process is followed by calibration of all reference points with our own patented shimless solutions. The result is a fixture that is possible to set-up with very high accuracy.

TETRAFIX fixtures are either built out of framed carbon fibre structures or with tripods based on our unique carbon fibre plates. Both our design and construction techniques create light weight structures not affected by their own weight and without any built-in tension affecting the fixtures over time. The result is a very strong and rigid structure that keeps the geometry for many years.

Using carbon fibre also makes our fixtures resistant to temperature changes and can therefore be used in different environments without recalibration. To further enable the movability all fixtures are equipped with only three legs, standing stable on any surface without changing geometry.

When choosing a TETRAFIX fixture you get a fixture with high precision stable over long periods of time. A fixture that gives you the same measurement results independent of if you are in a controlled measurement room or using a vision system out in the factory.

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