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Type bound fixture

Increased quality at

reduced cost

TETRAFIX type-bound fixtures provide you with reliable measurement results by world leading accuracy independent of time, temperatur and environment.

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Flexible fixtures

Versatility out of the box

TETRAFIX modular fixtures offer unique versatility by references with 6 degrees of freedom available from standard components within a few minutes.


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Steel fixture

Try different scenarios

TETRAFIX steel fixtures are adaptable and reliable with focus on good access to try and measure different set-ups ideal for pre-matching.

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EOAT Robot grippers

Light and rigid

end-of-arm tooling

LIGHTGRIP offers innovative and versatile end-of-arm tooling for increased productivity and improved quality in your manufacturing process.

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Innovative carbon fibre technology

TETRAFIX offers rigid, versatile and reliable fixture and tooling solutions to high precision for handling and control of manufactured details for companies with high demands on geometry assured products. TETRAFIX solutions are of high quality and stability, independent of environment, time and usage.

Type bound fixturers

Type bound fixtures 

Fixtures made unique for each clients specific needs.

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Flexible fixtures

Modular fixtures

Build your own fixtures when needs change.

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EOAT - Robot grippers

EOAT - Robot grippers

Versatile robot grippers for material handling.

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Why choose TETRAFIX

Improved reliability by best in class accuracy

TETRAFIX fixtures provide you with measurement results you can trust by offering fixtures with market leading accuracy over long periods of time.

Our fixtures are produced to the highest precision in our own factory in Sweden. The high precision manufacturing process is followed by calibration of all reference points with our own patented shimless solutions. The result is a fixture that is possible to set-up with very high accuracy. Learn more ››

Results independent of measuring environment

TETRAFIX fixtures give you the opportunity to measure in any environment and still have reliable measurement results without calibration.

TETRAFIX fixtures are built out of carbon fibre with negligible thermal expansion. The geometry of the framed structures is designed so that the fixtures are stable in different temperatures and can be moved around in the measurement room, factory or warehouse and still keeps the same geometry without calibration. Learn more ››

Increased productivity in the measurement process

Using expensive measurement equipment puts high demand on utilisation rates to keep desired ROI-levels. TETRAFIX fixtures decrease your downtime and increase the utilisation ratio of your machines.

Our fixtures are easy to move around and our heaviest fixtures for a complete car body side only weights 40-60 kilos. Most of our fixtures are much lighter and even possible to carry around and our larger fixtures are all equipped with wheels to be easy to move around . There is no longer a need for cranes and heavy lifting in the measurement room. The lightness of TETRAFIX’s fixtures makes them easy to move and therefore reducing the fixture change times in machine. Learn more ››

Reduced costs in the geometry assurance process

Utilising your machines more efficiently with less number of staff has a long term impact on the operational costs in the geometry assurance department. Staff being able to focus on measuring and analysing the results instead of calibration, changing fixtures and work pieces adds value instead of driving costs. Learn more ››

Versatility adapted to your changing needs

TETRAFIX fixtures are adaptable to your needs and we have solutions for prototyping, pilot plant, measuring room and production, all with the same benefits of high precision, stability and reduced costs. We offer a wide range of fixtures from type-bound fixtures designed and built for a specific part to 100% versatile solutions where you can build new reference points with 6 degrees of freedom within minutes. Learn more ››

What our clients say

The fixtures are very easy to handle and operate. We cut costs in the daily use of the fixtures and get better use of our measurement machines.

The LIGHTGRIP grippers from TETRAFIX are very easy to rebuild and change from one part to another. SInce starting to use LIGHTGRIP maintenance has almost disappeared as the grippers does not change over time.

Company news

  • PolyWorks Conference

    2020-02-27, 09:41

    In april 2020 we will be at;

     see you there? We sure hope so!

  • KSM

    2020-01-26, 15:04

    Tetrafix AB is pleased to announce the first delivery with our partner KSM has been made a global premium OEM in China.

    With the assembly being executed locally the carbon footprint has been minimized to the lowest level, and a significant cost-optimization has been achieved for our customer.

    The new partnership formed with KSM will bring more benefits to our customers with operations in China and beyond in terms of pre&post-sales service, lead time, as well as cost reduction.

    We are looking forward to continuing to deliver our technology together with KSM to many global and domestic OEMs in that region.


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